Grace and Ellie

The ranch is a busy place with many hands making the work light.  Our roles as mothers, fathers, grandparents, neighbors and friends add to our perspectives as we co-labor together.  We are glad to introduce you to the Ranch Hands at Acres for Joy.

Our Team

Equine Specialists

Our Equine Specialists are great.  They love horses, they love kids, and they love to get dusty playing outside.

No list could be complete without including Joas, Ed, Rich, Randy, Denny, Kevin, Marv, Troy, Arvid, Bill, Brad, Keith, Pat, Arron, Jackie, Jenn, and Josh & Sarah.  The helpers are many, the friendships are rich, and the joy of laboring together is shared.

Board of Directors

Our Board is GREAT and is doing GREAT things!  Rolling up their sleeves month after month they are navigating the development of Acres for Joy.

  • Dr. Mark Gideonson, Chairman

  • Brenda Schläfer, Secretary

  • Michelle Komroe, Treasurer

  • Jenn Junker, Program Development

  • Kristin Polenz, Social Media

  • Jeff  Jackson

Alisha Joy Berg

Jeff and Margaret Jackson