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4th Annual Harvest Fest Hustle 5K Run/Walk

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Acres for Joy 5K on September 8th.

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Acres for Joy is a non-profit organization giving youth an opportunity to "get out of town"  and enjoy a small horse ranch.

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Acres for Joy

"There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man (child)." - Winston Churchill

We can always use volunteers, financial donations, and in-kind item donations.

Acres for Joy is a non-profit organization serving the Chippewa Valley. While primarily serving youth who are in need, Acres for Joy creates opportunity for MANY.  Opportunity for youth to "get out of town" and enjoy the rich benefits of a small horse ranch. Opportunity for caring adults to come alongside, using their gifts and talents, to contribute in life changing ways.

An organization that is all about bringing people together for mutual benefit and encouragement, Acres for Joy partners with horses and caring individuals, to provide equine assisted learning, mentoring and outdoor activities. It is a place where horses and humans connect and help one another; where the pressure of the day yields to the activity of the moment and JOY finds yet another opportunity.

We are a horse ranch – BUT so much more. All of our efforts are toward the furtherance of growth and accomplishment for kids, and often kids with extra challenges.  We find that horses and goats are rich in contribution toward that end, but so is gardening, landscaping, woodworking, fence building, and raising chickens.

In the pages that follow you will learn of our beginnings, our vision, our programs and our heart. 

Welcome to these pages and welcome to Acres for JOY!